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Jul 27, 2022

NO PING between ipsec interfaces

hi all .

i came across strange issue -

i have multiple ipsec tunnels on my F5 configured with  ipsec interface ips on both ends 

all remote ends are fortigate devices -

on all tunnels i can ping the remote tunnel ip with no issue 

but i have one tunnel (which is up) that i cannot ping the other sides ipsec intrface 

how can i debug this with cli ? 

any help with be appreciated greatly


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  • this article has some info, but as the tunnel is up it feels you want to look a step further:

    a packet capture showing the traffic enters the tunnel would be best. if it does then it might be the other end (FortiGate) which doesn't respond for some reason. a capture on that side would also be useful to check if it arrives.

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