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Dec 06, 2010

NIC teaming on windows server




We ran into problem where servers behind f5 were doing nic teaming. So traffic was going out on both nics . This did not work well with f5 ltm version 9.4.8. Once we changed the nic teaming to one nic it worked.



does f5 support active/active nic teaming ? and if it does how do u implement it? we can't use fast4profile because we need cookie .





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  • Did you create a trunk on your F5 box? You can find this under the network section.
  • SOL3009 has info on this. Basically, if you do want to use teamed NICs, you can't use the PVA as it won't be able to handle a change in MAC address mid-session.



    SOL3009: Configuring BIG-IP to load balance traffic to nodes that use redundant network interface cards




    But as Chris said, using trunks is a more resilient option.



  • yes I did use trunking. It seems like if the server is configured for nic teaming with load balancing method it won't work. You have to be in a fault tolerance mode meaning active/standby mode . active/active does not work with f5


  • Hi Kirit,



    If you've tried 802.3ad trunking and are seeing issues, I suggest opening a case with F5 Support to get help troubleshooting the issue.



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    Are you connecting the server direct into the F5? Or do you have a switch between them?