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Dec 08, 2023

New to F5 - Cannot connect to Login page via browser - Time elasped looping around

Hi, I am brand new to F5. I have just got these devices as part of an old setup so they are running and in place.

I'm not 100% sure on the model.

Setup is Active/ Passive.

I can log on to the standby device using fqdn url added to our dns. At first I could also log on to the online active device the same way. However after downloading a backup from System > Archives. I can no longer hit the login page using the fqdn url and using the ip address. I've tried http and https.

The device is still polling on our monitor and it is showing as the active device.

I log on to the standy device, it is highlighted green with in-sync and device list can see the other other device.

I noticed one thing, the time delta fluctuates between -10 and -20.

When I try hit the fqdn dns url for the Active device, it will resolve to either with the following;

Page cannot be found.

Redirect in the middle of the page.

or the f5 page with a spinning green dotted circle with time elasped.

If anyone can help, the device is seen on the device list as primary and in sync with a green circle.

No changes on the device has been made. So I am not entirely sure what is going on and reaching out for some help on this matter.


  • Hi rg-f5 , 
    so the issue with you in loading gui. 

    you can connect to your bigip using console also you should be able to login without issues.

    if you run on Version 15.1.x or later versions ( 16.1.x , 17.x ) , you should modify managment provision to large instead of small , then restart web service by restarting ( httpd and tomcat services ) 
    I will share the steps here: 
    1- Overview of Management provisioning ( 
    set it to 500M which equal Large in gui provisioning.

    it should work , let me know the result 

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  • Hi rg-f5 , 

    Taking ucs/backup file from F5 bigip shouldn't cause problems to your gui , so it should work normally. 

    I susbect that the issue in the FQDN / DNS or the issue with reachability to F5 bigip managment interface. 

    Can you ping or ssh it ? 

    if you can do that , you may have an issue with gui and you need to restard web service on your bigip and this is an easy task you can do it by running some commands as described in the following article :
    or this :


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      Thanks for your reply Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh 

      I will give these articles a try, and i just wanted to check, these are physical devices so I should be ok to connect using putty remotely right?

      • Hi rg-f5 , 
        Yes , If you have recability to F5 bigip management interface you can open the Command line interface using putty ( ssh <F5_mgmt-ip> )