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Oct 05, 2010

need help figuring out a proxy irule


The below post has a bunch of good information that I think has me in the right direction.



however, here's what I need to accomplish.


I have This is a vanity url that will proxy to However, I need to retain in the browser



What I am unclear on is how it's possible to proxy traffic to a pool while having the domain name change.



The pool I'm sending it to has a webserver that hosts 3 blogs ( being one of them. They are all configured to be, and now mine...



If I just do something like if { [HTTP::host] == "" and [HTTP::uri] == "/somestring" } { pool blogservers } there's no way for the webserver to know what virtual host to send the request to. Is there some way I can say set [HTTP::host] == "" and have the webserver understand it's the new domain, but not actually change the url?




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