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Feb 18, 2021

Need a HELP with my IRULE

Hi Folks ,


I am working on one requirement and need a little help with my Irule .



When CLIENT makes a req with and hit to F5 , the F5 should send a response as . I am able to achieve this part through re-direction ( But i am not sure if this is the correct way of doing this ) .



After that the F5 should do a GET request to backend server as below :


GET xyz or GET xyz/rest/services to the backend server



I have written this irule , re-direction is working BUT not able to GET the content .


if {([string tolower [HTTP::host]] equals "") && [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/abcserver" } {


 HTTP::redirect "




if {([string tolower [HTTP::host]] equals "") && [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/abcserver" } {


 HTTP::uri [string map [list "/abcserver" ""] xyz/[HTTP::uri]]


     node 6443




I think my this irule ends up in too many re-direction . I am NOT able to understand how to achieve the GET part through irule once re-direction is DONE.



IS this the right way of doing this through re-direction .


Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated .


Thanks .

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  • Ok , i tweak by irule and able to load the page , BUT response to CLIENT is not what is expected . i have removed the redirect statement under the irule .


    This is how my irule looks now .


    when HTTP_REQUEST { 



    if {([string tolower [HTTP::host]] equals "") && [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/abcserver" } {


      HTTP::uri "/xyz/rest/services"

          node 6443







    The CLIENT is expected to see in the browser


    when request is made with


    i am not able to achieve this . Any help in this regard greatly appreciated .



  • I see you are using starts_with, which will match all time. Try equals.

    if {([string tolower [HTTP::host]] equals "") && [HTTP::uri] equals "/abcserver" } {
    HTTP::redirect "" 
    if {([string tolower [HTTP::host]] equals "") && [HTTP::uri] equals "/abcserver/rest/services" } {
    HTTP::uri [string map {"/abcserver" "/xyz"} [HTTP::uri]]
    node 6443

    So once its redirected, the request is going to come in with /abcserver/rest/services, then on the second condition you can make that check & modify your GET request.