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Nov 21, 2011

Nating traffic from H4 hosts to H6 hosts




I'm designing my future WAN infrastructure where I plan to start working with IPv6.


I've some questions regarding the way BigIP LTM will NAT IPv4 initiated traffic, destined to IPv6 servers.



My questions are relevant to the following article: "".



There's nothing regarding the IPv6 source IP address that my BigIP LTM will use when contacting a backend real IPv6 server.


Could someone please let me know if it's possible to choose any source IPv6 address?


Will be it a fixed IPv6 address? The one assigned to the BigIP LTM interface?



Another related question: does this NAT mechanism will work for amy traffic?


(I mean non HTTP traffic?)



Thanks in advance for you feedback!




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  • Hi Jean-Paul,



    You can configure a SNAT pool of IPv6 and/or IPv4 addresses for this. TMM will pick a SNAT pool member based on the IP version of the pool member (ie an IPv6 SNAT address for an IPv6 pool member).