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May 16, 2012

multiple vips with different DFGW's

I searched and didn't find anything related to this (not even close).



I have several nodes (firewalls) that use different default gateways on my LTM. I am planning on transitioning from one set of nodes to another, during this time i need BOTH VIPS available. That said, configuring different routes on my firewall is not feasible (100's of different subnets, would take forever) How do i go about sending traffic from one VIP with its own default gateway to another VIP on a different default gateway?



What i currently have setup on my LTM: (VIP) utilizing pool with members and (VIP) utilizing pool with members and



How to i get to utilize as a node so that i can utilize both VIPS at the same time? Or am i even going about this the right way??



Thanks for your help


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    Traffic inbound from the Gateways to the VS's?



    It's automatic (By default), as long as auto-lasthop is enabled, then the traffic TO a VS will return via the exact same interface and gateway (Detected by src MAC on the packet that is used to initialise the connection table entry).



  • Hamish is dead on the money (as usual). This should Just Work for you.