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Jan 25, 2011

Moving objects between partitions




Is there any recommended way or best practice for moving VIPs/objects between partitions except for editing the config manually?



Is it possible to "export" a config just for a specific VIP and then import it into another partition?


Perhaps with the command line tools?



If the absolutely only way is to edit the config files, which files are needed to update?


Is it just bigip.conf, or any of the other .conf-files under /config?




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  • Hi Andreas,



    You could potentially write a tmsh script to do this. I think you'd need to map out all of the related objects, save them, delete them in the correct order based on references and then add them back in the reverse order using the correct partition.



    Or you could just edit the bigip.conf and reload it to make the changes. A tmsh script might make sense if you have to do this a lot.



    tmsh wiki index page




  • Which config files are involved if you want to move some configuration manually? We have a rather big environment and I'm not very keen on manually deleting objects and re-creating them.



    I've found references to partitions in:











    When trying to move config in between partiotions I always get errors. Is there some config file that I've missed?