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Apr 04, 2014

Monitoring Pack installation failure

So I went to install the latest (downloaded today) Monitoring Pack on our main SCOM server and it failed. The end of the setup log shows an MSI exit code of 1603, but scrolling through the log I see it failed during the database section. The root case was an access denied to an xml file in my user temp folder: C:\Users\stuartd\AppData\Local\Temp\F5 Networks\Management Pack\20140404_135942\ManagementPackDatabaseDefinition.xml. I had specified a new domain service account for the management pack to use, and at the SQL step of filling out the setup GUI leaving it set to Windows login was the only option. So how do I do this successfully?


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    The installation operation runs as the current user. Make sure you are a local administrator on the PC and Access Denied errors should not occur. Most of the errors that can occur are Windows system errors. These are reflected in the setup log's backtrace for any particular failing operation.


    Windows error codes:



    Also keep in mind that this product is in legacy end-of-sale status. It is not recommended for new installations.