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Oct 13, 2011

monitoring external file via IRules

Hello community,

I was trying to figure out if it's possible can monitor an external file using IRules.


So example would be:








if { ( } {


Read values


if { ("ACTIVE" in the file) } {


Route traffic to member A of pool


} else {


Route traffic to member B of pool












Thanks in advance.










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  • Hi trx,



    Someone else asked a similar question some time ago here:



    I would suggest that rather than doing this with an iRule, why don't you use Health Monitors and Priority Activation Groups?


    Put all servers in a single pool (assign Priority Groups if desired) and add a custom health check that will look for the "Active" return of a get to "/zbc.tx".



    If they do not pass the health check they will be marked down and traffic routed to the other servers. Rather than an all or nothing with a pool of servers you would be able to do them individually and still maintain a preference between A and B Servers.



    Just a thought.



    Hope this helps.
  • Best solution I found:









    2 Virtual servers HTTP/HTTPS


    2 Pools "YYY and ZZZ"


    YYY/ZZZ pool member IP over port 80 contains


    health monitor that looks at a text file string. If the string


    is NOT there the member YYY/ZZZ is marked DOWN.




    If YYY/ZZZ is marked DOWN, route traffic to ONE of the pool members YYY/ZZZ


    if { ([pool YYY/ZZZ member 80] < 1) } {


    go to fail over server


    pool YYY/ZZZ member 443


    } else {


    stay on primary server


    pool YYY/ZZZ member 443











    Hope this helps anyone else.