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Jul 19, 2012

Monitor /Common/bigip from gtmd : no reply from big3d: timed out

Hi All,



New to F5; we have 2 GTMs and 3 LTMs. The GTMs are configured as standalone - but they are configured to share configuration information. 2 LTMs are designated 'live' and 1 is for testing.




We had a consultant work with us for the initial config (both GTMs and the 2 live LTMs). I'm having some issues with the test LTM virtual servers returning the correct status - they always go offline with the status "Monitor /Common/bigip from gtmd : no reply from big3d: timed out"




What I have done:


1) Run bigip_add to the GTMs


2) Configure a self-IP on a specific iQuery network on the LTM, with the default lockdown settings


on the GTM, under Global Traffic -> Data Center Servers --> Add


3) Adding the self-IP, selecting the 'bigip' health monitor and setting virtual server discovery to enabled.




The GTM correctly identifies the virtual servers on the LTM; however the monitor status is the same.




Deleting /adding the virtual servers on the LTM is reflected on the GTM, but always with the same result.




The other 2 LTMs (which were configured in the same way) show the correct status.




Any ideas?






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  • After a bit of investigation, the problem only occurs when the Virtual Server is configured on a self-IP (which isn't in a traffic group). As soon as I specify a non-self-IP the status is updated correctly.