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Jan 17, 2012

Monitor a pool

The goal is to monitor 2 oracle db's so that if they both go down the pool will be marked as down. I started by creating a monitor for each db and assigning these to a pool, which I call a trigger pool. The trigger pool is marked down if both db's are down. Then I need a monitor that monitors the status of this pool so that any the monitor is marked down if the pool is marked down. I already know how the questions will go so let me explain before hand:



The databases are members of of an Oracle RAC. Normally, you would just call the service name of the RAC but F5 would not allow this with the Oracle monitor type so I was forced to create a monitor for each instance of the RAC cluster.



Yes, I can just apply the 2 monitors to the pool and set the availability to 'at least 1 instance' but the pool also has an http monitor. I cannot put availability to 'at least 2' because if the http server is unavailable but both db's are, the pool will still be marked as up.



Thanks in advance for your help.


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