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Feb 11, 2024

Mixed content error



I am trying to fix a mixed content error in F5 version 15.1.10


I have applied the iRule from the below website.


Please let me know if anything is missing.



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  • patience my young padawan ;-)
    Posting a question on sunday doesn't always get you a response on the same day.

    Based on what you posted there is not much to work with.

    Are you able to check if the webserver is sending plain data and not compressed data to the BIG-IP?



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      Hey Kees,

      I am not working on the application, however bypassing the F5 everything works fine.

      Attached is the error from the developers tool.

  • Could you replace the HTTP_RESPONSE event with this?

    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
       if { [HTTP::header exists Location] } {
        HTTP::header remove Server
        HTTP::header replace Location [string map {"http://" "https://"} [string tolower [HTTP::header Location]]]
       # Check if response type is text
          if {[HTTP::header value Content-Type] contains "text"}{
          # Replace http:// with https://
          STREAM::expression {@http://@https://@}
          # Enable the stream filter for this response only