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Jan 03, 2012

Mix of internal and external content fails

We have an Intranet site that has 99% internal-only content. The 1% is a weather web app that grabs current local weather from the Interwebz to display on the main page. This breaks when viewing the URL that is hosted by the FirePass web VPN. It works fine of course with true SSL VPN. I assume it is because the link is (for lack of a better term) encapselated within the FirePass session and it or the user cannot access the external content this way.



Any idea how I can make this work? Could it be the firewall that's not allowing this sort-of hairpin of traffic to/from the Internet or is it something to do with the way the link is configured in the FirePass?








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  • Let me get this straight so we can help.



    You logon to the firepass and click on a link (portal access) that displays internal and external content? Broken!?



    You logon to the firepass via Network Access and the content displays correctly? Working!?



    You can bypass the external site so that the Firepass does not re-write any of the content and your connection will process the data externally. The other method, is to still process the data via Firepass but tell the rewrite engine to not rewrite and display the information in a nonsecure manner. IE warnings etc...