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Jan 23, 2024

Migration advise

Hi Fellow members, I am migrating from vcmp guest ( running ltm + afm) to f5 ve. Both have the identical versions- 15.x. I need advise on the best way to migrate my config over. I am thinking to add the new VE devices into the existing sync-group of the vcmp and then copy the config over, then shutdown the old vcmps.  have a doubt that will this work since one pair is a vcmp guest and other VE, might not even get added into the device group.

Other option is to use the Journeys app and follow instructions from there.


Please advise?


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  • journeys is a good approach, as you can output still non-AS3 if you haven't adopted yet. But if AS3 is an option for you, you can do journeys there as well or you could also just create a UCS, import that in VSCode with the F5 extension, and explore migration readiness there for AS3. That will prep you for BIG-IP Next as well, as Next is all AS3-based. Now might be as good a time as any since you're migrating!

  • I have built the VM's in vmware - and disabled the interfaces at the vmware level then imported the UCS
    load sys ucs platform-migrate MYsystem.ucs
    no-license        no-platform-check passphrase reset-trust
    once the devices come up - you can either re-ip the boxes - or do a cutover by shutting down  the old - and bring up the new.  
    Your VLAN / SWITCH config will need to be spot on at both the physical level - and the vmware level for this to function.