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Sep 19, 2023

Migrating from BIG-IP 2000 to rSeries 2600.

Hello, I have an old install, containing a cluster of big-ip 2000 series, running version

This needs to be migrated to a cluster of rSeries 2600 boxes.

Im not really experienced upgrading F5's, but I am reading on f5-journeys on github, and it says journeys can upgrade from 13.x to 15.x.

We are not running many features, mostly using Application services using the f5.http template. I have read the known parity gaps, and there are a couple of things we need to fix before migration.  I am not expecting a full answer here, but just something that can point me in a direction. 

However, considering how old version we have on old hw (, is it better to upgrade old hardware to 15.1.2 (latest available) before migrating hardware? The minimum version available for the new rSeries 2600 tenant is 15.1.6.

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  • 1. Please remember the the R 2600 series parent or Host OS which is called F5 OS is entirel different configuration items like interface /vlans creation commands are entirely diffrent than old TMSh shell.

    So thos commands conversion you have to plan your steps manually either using GUI or using the F5 OS cli commands.


    2. The Guest or Child VM still uses TMSH shell and BIGIP OS, so there you can take the help of the F5 Journeys for configuration ocde migration.

    Please reach out to me for more details as I have done migration from i11k series to r10500 series, multiple machines and thousand of VIPs migration. 

    I have uploaded the F5 Migration Planning from iSeries to r Series 





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      Thanks for the guide! I have not read it yet, but would you try to upgrade the two hardware versions as close to each other before migrating, or just make one big migration jump?