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Feb 24, 2012

Microsoft Officer Communicator with irule




During my current environment, I need to setup the Microsoft Office Communicator server that put after F5 virtual server. For the user who connect to F5 virtual server, I need to create port 8057 to let the traffic pass through.



I have few enquries about it.



If the traffic need be routed back to the particular user that initiate the Microsoft Office Communicator connection (launch office communicator), do I need to create irule to maintain its persistency?


How to write that irule?


Is that any template can provide to me?



Thank you for the prompt reply.


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    Not having looked at ms communicator traffic, is this a bi directional connection requirement? Does the server need to open a separate connection to the client (Like ftp does). If so, it probably wont work unless you dont snat it


    But i suspect its just a simple tcp connection from client to server. In which case no special irule required for the connection to be opened and data to flow



  • If you mean by persistence that you want each client to get back to the same pool member he was directed to after establishing his/her connection this can be accomplished by selecting a persistence profile and there's no need to an iRule.



    To select a persistence profile: go to virtual server -> Resources tab. Then select a default persistence profile.



    I hope this is what you are looking for.