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Feb 24, 2012

Microsoft Office Communicator server with F5




During my current environment, I need to setup the Microsoft Office Communicator server (OCS) that put after F5 virtual server. For the user who connect to F5 virtual server, I need to create port 8057 to let the traffic pass through.



I have few enquries about it.



Is it a 2 way traffic communication between user and OCS server?


If the traffic need be routed back to the particular user that initiate the Microsoft Office Communicator connection (launch office communicator), do I need to create irule to maintain its persistency?


How to write that irule?


Is that any template can provide to me?



Thank you for the prompt reply.


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    Thunderbird, we don't have a template for OCS. However, I can tell you that in our Lync 2010 guidance we recommend SSL persistence as the default profile, with source IP persistence as the fallback profile. Unless the servers have a direct route back to the clients, we recommend using SNAT automap or a SNAT pool on the virtual server if you expect to have more than 64,000 connections per OCS server.