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Jul 08, 2023

Merge two vcmp guest to single configure

hello expert

vcmp guest A and guest B merge to single guest

Is it possible to do this for example guest B delete and existing configure add to guest A or should i configure manually to guest A and then delete guest B

I want to makesure if they have same configuration network and provisioning able to merge 



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  • Hello,

    Do you need to use the recources assigned to guest B on guest A?

    for example:

    • guest A (2 CPU) hosting services A, B, and C.
    • Guest B (2 CPU) hosting other services.

    Do you need to merging them as having both resources on the same guest instead of having two different guests? and that's why you are asking for merging the configuraiton?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, so we can discuss your request in detail.


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      i want to merge guest A and B because no add core per slot available, and guest need core resource 

      example guest A and B have same provisioning and network and guest B must disable and core added to guest A, configure on guest B copy to config guest A





  • First, you need to make sure features used on unit A have licenses required for function on unit B. Then you need to make sure the same networks / VLANs exist in that unit (vCMP guest) as well. You may also need to recreate any self IPs. Finally, generate an SCF file on the unit to decom, and extract the relevant commands to merge into into B. Then use merge commands.

    Please see following for info on merge command:

    If you need help with this, would HIGHLY recommend professional services 🙂


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      thanks for the information

      this is production environment if i added to guest A and have same ip address, my concern is duplicate ip problem 

      should i disable first on guest B ? or remove it ?




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        Depends on architecture and configuration. Complex items like this are usually handled via professional services. That way you can avoid an outage and explaining that you were following the advice of an online forum.

        Not sure planning an entire migration and avoiding an outage can be properly played out on a forum question/answer format. Just my 2 cents.

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