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Aug 16, 2011

merge command




Are there any icontrol method which is equal to merge command? I want to call it from an application.





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  • I don't believe so, however, you could achieve this roundabout by uploading merge files via iControl and then sending your merge commands via ssh
  • I try to run command from command prompt.


    But it gives error for "," in external_datagroup text file.



    for example:


    [safiye@f5coolsube1:Standby] class b merge external_test.txt


    Reading configuration from external_test.txt.


    BIGpipe parsing error (external_test.txt Line 1):


    012e0008:3: The requested command (,) is invalid



    Text file likes:



    more external_test.txt
























  • You can't merge the contents of an external datagroup, merge is for "internal" (for lack of a better word) configurations. Rather, you would merge in the external datagroup reference. For some good merge references, MVP Michael Yates wrote an article a couple months ago:


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