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Oct 13, 2021

Max entries in persistent table



wondering how many entries can contains a persistent table? Didn't find the information on devcentral.



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  • I beleive depends on the module to module. Can you please check the below command. I guess persist records are dynamic in nature.

    tmsh show sys memory | grep -i "subsystem\|persist"


  • Hi ,


    I'd say it depends on the persistence method you use. Cookie Persistence won't create a record in the persistence table, since the information is stored on the client, inside the cookie.

    For universal persistence K7392: Overview of universal persistence says:

    "Note: The BIG-IP system stores universal persistence records in Traffic Management Microkernel (TM) memory, and there is a limit. The total amount of persistence records that they system can store is dependent on the available TMM memory."

    So for universal persistence - the more memory, the more records you can store.

    Hope this helps.