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Feb 07, 2012

Manual synchronization process using Operator level user




is there any possibility in F5's LTM to make manual synchronization process from user account with Operator level priviledges?



Regards Pawel

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  • there is request for enhancement which is tracked as ID 273333. anyway, it is not available in current release.



    ID 273333 - AuthZ: User-definable roles (Formerly CR 51850)
  • thank you for helpful answer. I have one more question. Is there possible to start manual synchronization process by a user with administrator priviledges which operates on non common partition? Does in that solution only non common partition content will be synchronized?



  • i never tested; anyway, i do not think configsync is per partition.
  • I've checked this, you're right, only administrator is able to start synchronization process.



    thanks for your help