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Nov 09, 2010

Management access for Multi-Tenant solution

I've searched the posts but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.



We are running LTM VE as a Multi-Tenant solution. I'm using Route Domains and User Partitions. I normally manage the LTM VE for customers. I manage the LTM VE via a single internal Management IP address.



But now I have the need to allow our customers to access their partitions. Once I spin up a new partition and route domain for a customer, can I enable management access for that customer? To clarify, I'd like the customer to be able to use HTTPS access from within their own subnet. And leave my management access from my own internal network as it is. Is this possible?









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  • Hi Chris,



    If i understand your scenario correctly, you should be able to enable HTTPS and/or SSH access to the individual self IP's in the route domains without allowing anyone else access to the management port. This access is configured on the self IP's under port lockdown.



  • Aaron,



    Yes, thanks. That's all I needed. I've added a customer to manage their partition and used the custom port settings within the port lockdown.



    Thanks for the help,


  • Aaron,



    May I ask how large your multi-tenant solution is? We are deploying a solution using Viprion hardware and are running into issues around 1200 partitions on the system. This appears to be related to the way files are saved and written.




    When going with single partitions, but multiple strict route-domains we are hitting a similar wall at 1400 route-domains/customers configured.




    VCMP is being looked at, but we have not received any solid information on actual scalability and if it would assist in the issue we're seeing.