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Dec 21, 2010


Hello All,



I am a new member to this group and I am trying to get familiarized with Big-IP , LTM and LTM VE, through the free trial version of LTM VE.



Other than the obvious difference of being able to run on a hypervisor, what are the significant differences between LTM VE and LTM?



Besides the release notes for LTM VE, are there any guides/manuals specifically for the Virtual edition of LTM? So far I could see all the documentation overlap between LTM and LTM VE.



Thank you for your time.



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  • Hi Vidya,



    For the most part, LTM VE and LTM provide similar enough functionality that there aren't manuals specific to VE. Is there something specific you're looking for for VE?



  • Thanks for the reply Aaron. Currently, I am looking for two answers:



    1) The release manual ( mentions that advanced SSL and advanced TCP profile settings are not supported by the virtual BIG-IP. Is there any documentation which specifically lists what functionality is specifically not supported on the VE?



    2) What configuration restrictions does the Big-IP VM have, if any? For example, what is the maximum number of virtual NICs/interfaces that can be configured on a VE running on the ESX server?







  • hi vidya



    we've just decommissioned an aging big ip v9 unit and replaced it with VE. we've only been using it for about a month, and it's only used for testing, but up to now we're very happy with it. as far as i can see there are no major ssl or tcp restrictions, but i could be wrong. i know for a fact that there are no problems implementing a basic ssl config on a virtual server because that's a feature we make use of