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Dec 28, 2011

LTM VE 11.1.0 Self IP

Hi All,



I'm running the VE edition using version 11.1.0 and running on VMWare


I have setup a HA Pair which is working well.



Now when i'm trying to add some self IPs i'm hitting some issues, the self IP is not responding to pings. I have the correct VLAN configured with the correct tag on a tagged interface. The interface shows as UP in the status column and the self IP is assigned to the correct VLAN.



I'm trying to ping the self IP from a device in the same subnet, then i do a TCPDUMP on the F5 I can see the ARP requests but the F5 does not respond with its own address. Its like it does not know that it has the IP the ARP is asking for.



Any thoughts?


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  • are you using mac masquerading for your HA configuration? You might need to enable promiscuous mode on the vmware vswitch