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Oct 28, 2010

LTM VE 10.2 Hotfix Best Practices

LTM VE 10.2 ships with only one volume populated, HD1.1. Is there a way to just duplicate HD1.1 to HD1.2? Can't apply a hotfix in the active volume and there aren't any other volumes configured. Trying to avoid downloading the 10.2 iso...








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  • Skuba:



    Updates can be applied to BIG-IP VE with a package known as a hotfix.



    Since the VE disk is pre-created and designed to be as svelte as possible, the base version iso image is left out. The trade off for having a lighter weight deployment is that updates have an extra task of importing an iso image onto the VE before the hotfix can be applied.




    Here's the BIG-IP 10.x hotfix solution guide:




    Here's a Solution Guide on the topic of importing a base version iso image before installing a Hotfix:






  • That is standard operating procedure, and worked like a charm.