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Jun 21, 2012

LTM /GTM usefull commands for health monitors & traffic thru CLI needed .

Need to know some troubleshooting commands for F5 LTM/GTM via CLI . Some body can refer some command line guide . I mainly manage through GUI but need to know status of pool memebers ,health etc & traffic via command line . Any help would be usefull ..!!

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  • You can find the TMSH Reference Guide on the F5 support site.





    The link is for v11.2, but you should be able to find guides for other versions as well.
  • Keep in mind that the bigpipe commands will not work in v11, so I would recommend using the tmsh equivalent.



    tmsh show ltm virtual


    tmsh show ltm pool





  • Here is the command line guide:
  • So Eric bigpipe utility is not anymore used in LTM/ GTM v11 . My F5's are on 10v . So I can use both tmsh & bigpipe .Which is better to use . i have gone through guide little bit of CLI . Do we need to go in shell of bigpipe & tmsh to execute commands.



    Below commands be excecuted from direct login no need to go into tmsh shell like in bigpipe earlier .Thanks


    tmsh show ltm virtual


    tmsh show ltm pool



  • Learn tmsh even though you are on 10.x, you'll upgrade eventually and having the cli tool already in your tool belt will be helpful.