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Apr 01, 2011

LTM Essentials - Modules 2 Lab

I have BIG-IP VE Trial VM installed. I was able to complete Module Lab 1 BIG-IP® LTM V10 Essentials. But the instructions in Modules 2 Lab said to restore Module2_Lab. I never saved such backup but this not a problem because I have the 4 self IPs mentioned in step 13. However, when attempting to connect to I get unable to connect to server after several tries. As a result when I check the statistics in the Verification through Statistics section (page 2-15), all statistics have zero.


May need additional Servers. If so, how would I do that?




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    Answer from our Global Training Services:



    “Lab steps were added in the 12/17/2010 (see first page of your lab guide for version) edit of the lab guide to include a reboot of BIG-IP after licensing. This BIG-IP state occurs after install, but also after returning to a new lab session and restoring a .ucs file. The symptoms include the client not being able to reach 10.10/16 network IP addresses such as or, or the BIG-IP monitors not reaching the servers on 172.16 network and marking them down. So please try to reboot and see if that helps.”



    If that doesn't work Steve, call the main F5 number 206.272.5555 and ask for Olga Vasilyeva.
  • I can access management port and and I can ping these ips. I have rebooted. I have a windows xp VW confirgured with a, & I cannot ping the or http to virtual server created in module 2. I even tried SNAT according to documentation with no success. I cannot ping the other LTM self ips I will call Olga, Thanks.