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Jan 18, 2012

LTM Connection to Dual Switches

Hello Everyone,


I am hoping that someone can help me understand which connection type is best for F5. We currently have two F5's in an active/failover cluster. In our environment, we are going away from access ports with single HTTP/HTTPS VIP to multiple VLANs. As part of this setup, I have done the following:



- Created 4 VLANs


- Created Self-IPs on each unit, plus one Floating IP



The current network setup is displayed in the attached Diagram-1, which has LTM-01 and LTM-02 split between multiple switches. Here is what I have done to test the new VLAN setup. On both switches, I have set the ports connecting to 1.4 on both LTM to down. I created trunk ports on both switches connecting to ports1.3. I was successful in reaching the self-IPs and the HTTP/HTTPS VIPs.



Is it preferable to leave the LTM ports as connected in Diagram-1 and change the access ports to trunk ports? Doing so would leave me with 4 trunk ports.






Should I re-cable according to Diagram-2 and configure the switch with port channels?



I am just looking for the best performance and redundancy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.








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