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Nov 30, 2011

LTM as server on server and client side

I am trying to setup my LTM to act as a server on the client side as well as the server side. I have a windows server connecting to my VS listening on my inside VIP and need to direct this traffic to a virtual server listening on the outside VIP, but only once the outside VIP has received a connection from an outside client server. this means that I need the LTM to act as a server to both connections and direct the traffic once both are connected.

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  • but only once the outside VIP has received a connection from an outside client server.can you explain a little bit more? what does this mean??
  • It means that I will have an outside virtual server listening on x.x.x.x:7004 on the outside interface using tcp profile for remote servers to make a connection. Once a remote server connects to this virtual server I want to keep the socket and session alive. in addition I want to have an inside virtual server listening on x.x.x.x:8004 on my inside interface that will receive a connection from one of my backend servers and if the outside virtual server client is connected on x.x.x.x:7004 and available I will direct traffic from the inside virtual server to him. In essence I am performing a multiple server function for a client to connect on both my inside and outside interface and join the two together. If the outside client disappears then I either RST the connection on the inside or send no ACKS.
  • Hi HW,



    Why don't you just change the flow that you are looking for:



    Client -> Virtual Server listening on 7004 -> (Port Translation which is automatically configured on the 7004 Virtual Server) -> Virtual Server listening on 8004 -> Server



    Is this not possible for the application flow that you are working with?
  • With this flow my backend server would be required to be a server and receive an application level client connection from LTM. I need LTM to be the server as the backend server application is required to be the client. the front end server is also expected to be a client at an application level connecting to a server. Is there any way of getting LTM to be a server for both connections and join the two?
  • I am busy talking to an F5 technical consultant on how this can be achieved and will post any updates that I get.