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Dec 07, 2022

LTM and GTM enable on same Big IP

Can we enable LTM and GTM on same BOX and then how will be traffic flow? Suppose my site A have one device which enabled with GTM+LTM and Site B have One device which enables with GTM+LTM in this scenario what is the traffic flow?

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  • Hi sanket1994 , 

    Yes , you can Provision (LTM & GTM ) in the same F5 appliance. 
    ( GTM Traffic " DNS " Completely differs from Local Data Traffic " Actual data of LTM" ) 

    We can Assume you asking for an IP address for Website " A record " for Example , your Pc/Local Domain server will request this IP by using DNS quires directed to ( Root , Top level domains , Authoritative servers " F5 GTM" ) 
    After Getting your IP of this Website , F5 GTM’s role is over. 
    Then , you will send your Data Traffic/Local traffic which will be intercepted By same F5 but with " LTM " module which it serves your Local Traffic Data we can assume ( GET/POST ) requets. 

    > Do not forget to create a Listener ( Virtual server for LTM traffic ) in your F5 to match upcoming traffic after GTM DNS Resolution that you got it from the same F5 appliance but With GTM configurations. 
    > This is easly doable with Fine Routing 

    > There is not Specific Scenario for GTM and LTM Together via same appliance , but you can achieve it by dealing with them as they are  deployed in different appliances Although they are on same appliance. 

    There is no relationship on the traffic flow between LTM and GTM even if they are served within same appliance , you can deal with them as separate units regardless they are deployed within one appliance or more.