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Sep 29, 2021

LTM | Disable Pool Member

Hi Team,


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Please help me to understand below :-


If we disable pool member then will it still send health traffic to backend server or it will not send any traffic to backend member.




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  • Hi RAQS,

    If there is a monitor assigned to a pool or pool member, monitor requests are sent to the server, regardless of enable or disable. You can see this with tcpdump.

    tcpdump -ni any host <non-floating-ip> and host <pool-member-ip> and port <pool-member-port> 

    When the member is disabled or force-offline, the active connections continue.

    Status Indicator

    Black Circle: member disable and available

    Black Diamond: member disable and unavailable

    Black Square: member disable and availability is unknown(no monitor)

    Detailed Articles:

  • Hi Enes,


    Thanks for your reply.. so disabling/enabling and force offline of pool member will still send traffic ?

    If we disable node directly then still health monitor traffic will be send to server ?