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Jan 21, 2011

lot 806 event id in my event logs

Joao Carmona -- 01/21/2011 07:36 AM



Hi Dave, Due to some other problems I had to rebuild the Management Host and reinstalled the F5 Management Pack (version X64). The problem maintains, I have a lot 806 event id in my event logs.



One Example: Unable to process device [F5 Device [xx.xx.xx.xx]] statistics due to data failure: Could not look up entity info based on statistic: IP=xx.xx.xx.xx Type=DeviceCpu Key=[xx.xx.xx.xx]DeviceCpu|0:0 RawData=1295623625cpu10359375 Thank You, João Carmona

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    Hi Joao,



    Your initial post has been split in two, to better track your two different problems (in our issue tracking system) with the F5 Management Pack. Here we're going to troubleshoot your 806 warnings.



    One quick way to try to resolve the 806 event ID in the F5 Monitoring Log would be to re-discover the F5 device referenced by the error. The 806 warning usually means that the device configuration is out of sync: you may be getting stats for F5 device entities that are not properly cached / discovered.



    Please make sure the verbose trace logs are enabled (see the "Verbose Logging Support" section in


    Try to discover the F5 device again, using the discovery wizard and let us know if the 806 errors persist. If you still get the warnings in the F5 Monitoring Log, send us please the trace.log file (in Program Files\F5 Networks\Management Pack\log folder) - zip and email to managementpack(at)f5(dot)com.



    Thank you!