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Dec 19, 2023

Looking for a way to present WIDEIP-->Pool-->Pool member on GTM

Recently I've been looking to automate F5 patrols, and I'm looking for a way to present the WIDEIP on the GTM along with its corresponding Pool and corresponding Pool member.

It's like this show command:

show gtm wideip a all detail | grep -i -e "wideip\|Destination" grep -i -e Gtm::Pool::A grep -i -e "Pool\|Destination"

 It can clearly show the correspondence between these elements. But I would like to implement it in a more "native" way, e.g. through OID or API.

I found a few OIDs corresponding to these elements and was able to capture the full amount of information, but couldn't match them up one by one.


.,: gtmWideipPoolEntry
But I can't directly correspond to the information captured by these two OIDs
Can I use the API to capture and correspond directly to these elements?
Or the OID way which I'm not sure about yet!🤧


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  • i suggest you use snmp browser, such as manageenginge mibbrowser, to browse your f5 snmp objects and get oid of your particular gtm objects because as you can see in the example in picture below, the index numbering is not simple 0,1,2,...

    gtm mib is F5-BIGIP-GLOBAL-MIB which you can download from webgui's help page.