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Sep 13, 2011

Load simulation on the Big-IP LTM VE

I am using Big-IP LTM Virtual Edition running on VMWare. Also using C.NET and iControl SDK to query the statistics from the Virtual Machine. Using the samples I am successfully able to get the results from the VM, however the values are mostly zero. How to simulate the load on the underlying virtual servers? Are there any existing tools used for this purpose in the VM before testing with the real device in Prod environment?

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  • i usually use jmeter and apache bench. not sure if it is useful for you.








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    wget? curl? Custom perl scripts?



    I've used all of those... They have the advantage of being free... Then there's the expensive things like roadrunner (I'm assuming here you're using an HTTP VS, and not something like LDAP - There's a free ldap load tool that I've mentioned previously).



  • I'd add Selenium for session aware web app testing:



    Selenium - supports dynamic sessions, but low concurrency web app tester




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    I'd also say that it depends on what kind of traffic need to be simulated.


    In addition to the tools above:



    For load testing WSDL/SOAP SOAPUI will be great choice (base version is free).


    For WEB UI scenarios Web Performance Tester has a base version for free, which is limited for 10 users. Or HP Load Runner is really high scale tool with plenty of protocols and scenarios supported, but it's also expensive (has 1 month limited trial).


    For diameter you can use Diameter plugin for jmeter from Computaris (requires a license) or Seagull Seagull also has great support for Radius and it's a free tool.