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Dec 22, 2010

Load Balancer sents reset after succesfull TCP Transaction




The Client tries to establish a TCP connection and after successful TCP connection the Load Balance rest a reset.


Then the clients initiate the TCP session again and after TCP connection the Load Balance sens a reset


Not sure y this is happening.



Other Details:


Version: BIG-IP 10.1.0 Built 3372.0 Hotfix HF 1





Lease connect



The health check shows the pool members are UP







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  • Hi Logesh,



    This sounds like a possible routing issue. Does LTM have a self IP on the same subnet as the servers? If not, do the servers have a route back to the clients through LTM? If they don't, can you test with SNAT set to Automap on the virtual server?



  • Hi



    Thanks for you reply.



    I tried changing the SNAT to Automap now there is no TCP Reset but the client not able to reach the server.


    The Members and the self IP are on different IP subnet.



    I dont think its a routing issue because the F5 reach the server. i tried to telnet to the server using the destination port and i am able to have the session from F5.







  • have u defined floating selfip on every vlan?



    sol7336 the snat automap feature may use an unintended self ip address

  • If you do have a self IP defined on the egress VLAN and are still seeing issues, I suggest opening a support case. It should hopefully be a quick fix once someone can look at your exact configuration and tcpdumps of a failure.