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Jun 20, 2021

List Virtual servers that are offline for past 90 days

Hi Guys, I am going through a clean up process for VIPs that are currently down for 90 days. Is there a way to generate a list from tmsh?

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  • Not really -

    tmsh show ltm virtual all-properties

    will show the virtual server status, but not how long it has been down for.

  • Can you get into the ltm logs?

    And then look for the phrase

    Virtual Address /Common/<Virtual Server IP> general status changed from GREEN to RED.


    Virtual Address /Common/<Virtual Server IP> monitor status changed from UP to DOWN.


    If you are looking at flappping for any reason, there are the same messages with "..RED to GREEN" or ..."DOWN to UP" if you want to see when it goes back online.


    Hope that helps?



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      Yeah that i believe is the node flapping log? The problem is I am unable to see logs on the external sys-log server. I wanted to see if there are VIPs that are completely offline for past 90 days on a particular LTM

  • I took take a different approach. Since it seems you don't have this information in your SIEM, you could generate it locally. I had a couple of scripts doing this:


    1. Have a script to find all pools with Active Members 0
    2. Run the same script 90 days later
    3. Make a diff
    4. Have a second script search for all virtuals with these pools attached.
    5. Make an SCF of these virtuals and pools... just in case you plan to delete them and you might have to return them.


    Unfortunately the script was written in my pre-Git time and also at my previous employer, so it's not available for sharing. But it was a simple bash script with a bit of sed and awk.

  • While the TMStat data is available at the CLI, via a command like 

    tmctl virtual_server_stat -s name,clientside.pkts_in,clientside.pkts_out 

    Which will show you clientside traffic stats per virtual server. In the CLI, it may be a bit harder to sort the data and see the patterns of use that you care about.

    This is available in iHealth in a much more consumable and interactive format.  Under the Commands menu, in the Utilities tree, you can select Virtual Server Traffic.  See the image below:




    Now in that page you can sort by any column header to see which virtual servers have not seen any traffic since the last reboot or when stats were cleared on the platform.