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Jun 19, 2012

List of IP question...

Question about IP addresses. It doesn't seem like you can put a subnet in a pool instead of individual addresses. I am creating a lot of pools like 100 one for each application with its own monitor. Is there anyway to point a pool at a pool or to put a group of IPs in there without adding each one. scenario, is like 25 hosts that an application can be running on and need to check each one with the monitor. There will be more hosts added to the pool. I don't want to configure each pool and put the hosts in it manually with the GUI, also don't want to have to go back and edit each pool every time there is a new IP. Was thinking if I could do it by subnet say it would check to see if the port was responding on each IP in the range. I know this is a crazy waste of resources to check each host for an application rather than have pools with only the nodes you know will have the app. Lost that fight... Just looking for an easier way to do this. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks Joe

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  • Hi Joe, currently you cannot add domain name or subnet to pool as pool members. If you have more hosts to configure, editing the bigip.conf via command line is your best option.



    - Santosh.