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Nov 24, 2011

Link Controller Question

From the Steps of Configuring Link Controleer is : Creating the default gateway pool & Defining the physical connections to the Internet


lets's assume we have ISP1 & ISP2 , i will use :


"default gateway pool" as default route to the Internet ( This will contain next hops routers IPs )


Also at the configuration we will create Links that will contain Router IP & UPlink Ip as well )



what is the need for Creating Links , i beleive that Creating Default pool & using it as default Gateway was very sufficient to provide Link Load Balancing to ISPs ?



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  • you need to bother about LINK configuration like..router IP and uplink address is for health check and for Inbound load balancing. Default gateway (pool of route..ISP1 and ISP2)will come in picture, when considering outbound traffic..