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Apr 12, 2011

Limit outgoing connections

I need your help in figuring out whether there is any way to limit number of active outgoing connections/virtual server at F5? I did web search and found that it is possible to add an iRule ( but I think it counts only incoming connections. I also found that Virtual Server has Connection Limit (LocalLB.VirtualServer.set_connection_limit) but I am not sure whether it counts incoming/outgoing/both.






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  • Do you mean connections going to the pool members? Each pool member also has its own connection limit.
  • Traditionally... Connections come into the box, so you would limit connections going to your poool members..



    Though, there are some connections that are truly initationed behind the ltm and are considered "outgoing", Thos are NATd connections...
  • I was able to put limit on outbound connections using LocalLB::SNATTranslationAddress::set_connection_limit