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Jan 17, 2017

License re-activation process


One of those nitty gritty questions if I may?

If a system requires reactivating the license or not is determined by the data for the specific version being downloaded or the expiration date of your service contract with F5 (I think?)?

The re-activation process documented here:

But, if that's the case, how did my colleague (let's call him "Q") manage this?

jamesbond@(MYLB)(cfg-sync In Sync)(Active)(/Common)(tmos) show sys license;show sys version

Licensed On              2016/10/18
Service Check Date       2016/11/21

Main Package
  Product     BIG-IP
  Version     12.1.2
  Build       0.0.249
  Edition     Final
  Date        Wed Nov 30 16:04:00 PST 2016

As you can see, it does not seem like "Q" activated the license prior to upgrading to 12.1.2 as the service check date is

while the KB article specifies
. Though I would have expected the process to force him to do so upon reboot, but clearly this has not happened?

My colleague is a certified ninja so that might be the reason, but just in case:

What did I miss?


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