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Jan 09, 2014

Licence for Load balancer

I have a qkview file that has been processed into a graphical report to allow analysis to take place. The report has provided me with stats to make a decision on utilisation of the device and I determine that the usage is low. The problem I have is the want to a load balance an application that has approx. 600 users accessing it. Will this affect licencing in any way and how can I find the licensing area of the LTM to address this concern.


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  • Hi,


    The licensing is not affected by your application.


    But where you have to make a choice is on hardware platform choice.


    In the past there was two types of licensing, one normal LTM license and another named max SSL, but now when you pruchase a BIG-IP it's already full on performance.


  • with hardware platform choice Thomas probably means that you have to choose which hardware appliance you are going to use. but in your case i believe you already have one, it isn't used heavily and you are wondering if you can add an application used by 600 users right?


    in principle the answer is yes you can just add that application without any extra licenses. F5 licenses LTM not on users or such. the only thing to keep in mind (also mentioned by Thomas) is the number of SSL connections. but that might not matter in this case, does the application even use SSL?


    for more information on that check this SOL: