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Jan 19, 2011

LDAP Load Balancing Performance Problem

Hi guys...



I'm having a problem with an vitrual service load balancing LDAP requests... When i request directly to the servers the response is very fast but when i request via BIG-IP the responses are quite slow...



Any opinions?



Virtual Service Config...



service port: 389



protocol profile client: tcp


protocol profile server: tcp


address translation: enabled


port translation: enabled



no persistence



pool with two servers



Thanks in advance...


4 Replies

  • You could capture tcpdumps of the slow query times through the virtual server and compare that with traces direct to the pool member. You could also try changing to a Performance L4 virtual server with a FastL4 profile.



  • Problem solved... It was the reverse lookup DNS regarding the virtual service IP... There was no entry for the IP in question...