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Mar 21, 2012

Latest hot-fix for 11.1

Hi Everyone,


I believe many of you must be using the latest IOS version 11.1 but has anyone got a chance to apply the new hot-fix for 11.1 on their boxes kindly reply.






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  • Hi Techgeeg,



    I have a few customers testing 11.1HF2 now without any issues. What's your question or concern?



  • I recently updated the Hot-fix-2 on my LTM. 11.1 boxes. First of all the stupid patch applying process .... is what I am really hating and can't understand the logic behind it. Secondly when I bought my system up after applying patches.... I just had a heart attack, all my configuration was gone even the self IP'S Vlans everything... the box was as new as it came out of box... the backup configuration just saved me or I would have a real heart attack.... what is the problem with this immature baby 11.1