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Dec 01, 2020

Lab Access in

I am preparing for 301a Exam, is the lab provided in Clouddocs available for only internal F5 staffs?

There are no details on who and how to access these labs.


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  • You have a few options:

    Lab Topology & Environments


    You can consume this training in a couple of ways:

    • Pre-built Environment using a Ravello Blueprint
      • Used at official F5 events such as F5 Agility, F5 Agility Roadshows, User Groups, MeetUps, etc.
      • Access can be provided by your F5 Account Team
    • Pre-built Environment using an Amazon AWS CloudFormation Template (CFT)
      • Access is on-demand and uses your AWS account
    • Pre-built Environment using the F5 Unified Demo Framework (UDF)
      • This environment is currently available for F5 employees only
    • Self-built Environment on your own infrastructure
      • Review the Topology and Guide below for prerequisites