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Jan 22, 2024

K39543431: Configuring an alternate disaster recovery device in conjunction with an HA configuration

Dear community

I want to implemnet the solution decribed in K39543431 and i have few things that are a little bit unclear, for example hardware version of the devices for HA cluster can be different then the hardware version of non-failover disaster recovery device . Can harware box of the non-failover disaster recovery device be different than the one used for the HA clustered devices ? Did anyoane performed this setup and have some advices for me ? 

Thank you in advance for your replies. 



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  • Danger will robinson -danger.... Its probably less about can you do it - and more about should you do it.
    Each version train of OS has its own needs for minimum specs, and you typically need to add a little more from the base if you are using more than 1 modude (ltm or gtm -   vs ... ltm/awaf /firewall )

    The HA / cluster components are tied to version train, in order to maintain sync- and failover the VERSION needs to be kept the same  .... 14.1.x.y  and 14.1.x.y, upgrades to 15.1.a.b and until  the 2nd unit gets upraded sync can not happen.

    from the hardware prospective, you would want simiar size equipment -but the exact model should not be an issue so long as it have the right capacity and config.


  • thank you for your reply  ....  i think i've prepared everithing neded to not be lost in space :))

    HA cluster is already build and over HW 4000 (C113)and, for some extra caution, was decided to have non-failver disaster recovery device with HW i4600 (C115) .. all devices have buid HF0-ENG50