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Jul 29, 2011

Issue with SSL and Peoplesoft

I have a virtual server for people soft using TCP 80 and have no issues. I setup another virtual server using 443 and get to login screen with no issue. Once entering login credentials, I immediately get an error saying "Your PeopleSoft connection has expired..."



I ran httpwatch when accessing it using port 80 for the VS and another when using 443 for VS. The peopesoft pool is a single server responding to port 5000



VS using 80 from client to F5. (Success)





iRule for VS using TCP 80=




if { [HTTP::uri] == "/"}


{ HTTP::redirect "" }










VS using 443 from client to F5- (fails)


"error - PeopleSoft 8 session expired"



iRule for VS using 443 =






if { [HTTP::uri] == "/"}


{ HTTP::redirect "" }








Im very new to F5 so if I missed something simple, my apologies. Any help would be appreciated adn thanks ahead








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