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Jan 15, 2020

Issue with Port redirection

Hi folks,


Scenario is : i have created VIP with service port as 80

and created pool with two nodes, nodes are serving application on port 8997.

So have added both nodes with port 8997 in pool and attached pool to virtual server.


Problem is: when users are accessing VIP they are getting page hosted on port 80 (default website) and not an web application hosted on port 8997

I have set Source Address Translation to AutoMap.


Is there anything i am missing? I am experiencing this for the first time.

May be i am missing some setting but not able to catch it, could you please help.


My end goal is users should access http://vip (without any port number) but they should get web application hosted on 8997

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  • Hi,


    if your VS is listening in port A and your pool member are configured with port B, the users accesing "A" should be redirected to "B".


    Have you done any troubleshooting in the F5 to check what is happening?

    Can you paste the config of the VS and Pool members?



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      This is fixed now, i just deleted and recreated ​and it started working. Don't know what was the issue,

      I checked logs in F5 found nothing there, is there any other troubleshooting i could have done?​

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        Tcpdump is probably the easiest tool you could´ve used.


        Good to know is solved now :)