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Feb 17, 2011

Issue with LocalLB.VirtualServer.set_connection_mirror_state

It appears there may be a bug (?) in the LocalLB.VirtualServer.set_connection_mirror_state API. I'm running 10.2.0 (base). It seems that connection mirroring is Enabled regardless of what EnabledState[] value is passed. Consider the following Perl code:




my $soapResponse = $Virtual->get_connection_mirror_state(SOAP::Data->name(virtual_servers => ["test_virtual"]));
my $connection_mirrored_state = $soapResponse->result->[0];
print $connection_mirrored_state . "\n";$soapResponse = $Virtual->set_connection_mirror_state(SOAP::Data->name(virtual_servers => ["test_virtual"]),
                                                      SOAP::Data->name(states          => ["FRED"])
                                                     );$soapResponse = $Virtual->get_connection_mirror_state(SOAP::Data->name(virtual_servers => ["test_virtual"]));
$connection_mirrored_state = $soapResponse->result->[0];
print $connection_mirrored_state . "\n";



Here is the output:


[root@linux ltm] ./



So setting the "states" value to "FRED" enables connection mirroring on the virtual. In fact, setting the value to STATE_DISABLED enables connection mirroring - there is no way to turn it off. Can anyone else validate?




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  • I can confirm that I can recreate this issue on 10.2 HF 2. Really strange as this API has not changed since 9.0 according to the documentation.



    I tried running your code on a 9.4.x box and it works fine, then tried on 10.2 HF2 and it fails. Can you please raise this with F5 support and post back the support issue number for tracking purposes.







  • Thanks for your confirmation Sam. I just opened up a case - I will keep you posted.
  • I was advised that this problem was assigned number ID353598, and was advised to watch upcoming release notes for confirmation of resolution.