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Jan 29, 2023

Issue with F5 VE license

Hello F5 Experts,

I have downloaded F5 VE license for to practice F5 stuff in GNS

it was my day 1, when I started practising lab in GNS, I completed few labs, saved everything and powered off my laptop after closing GNS3

next day, I started my same lab but when I powered on F5 in GNS3, it started asking to license the device again, I used the same registration key to create Dossier  but now it says already this key has been used to activate license on F5 license server

could you guys please help what I can do next, 

I have 29 days available for my trial license but cannot use it anymore

have also tried to create a ticket with F5 support team but when I write last 7 alphabets of my trial registration key, it says out of support

can anybody please help me over here please

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  • These are trial licences so good chance support won't be able to help you with them. Also running F5 BIG-IP in GNS3 isn't support either I expect.

    I dont believe there is much to do, the restart probably caused the hardware ID to change, making the licence invalid.

    The GNS3 website comments on F5 BIG-IP suggest an approach you could try for a next attempt: "To solve the licensing issue with GNS3 it's best to download the iso and install as a virtual machine. Install the license to the virtual machine then import the vmdk into GNS3."

    Hopefully F5 will issue another trial licence.

    You could also look into a lab licence, which is around 100 dollars and comes with support. there you can revoke it and start again, if needed via F5 support.

  • Hi Sheraz - sorry for the delay on my reply! I've just copied you on an email to the CSP team, who may be able to help you with this issue.